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Stan Brock's Black and Gold Classic, Blast and Cast, Saints Rodeo

Renee and Leigh Ann - the Kayak Girls Fishing for Ride The Bull Media Day

Click here to view the 2011 Ladies Fishing Rodeo Slide Show

2011 Speckled Trout Rodeo Slide Show

Click here to view the 2011 Ride the Bull slide show

Click the picture to see all the 4th of July pictures

4th of July Party 2009

Grand Isle Redfish Rodeo 2009

grandisleredfish09/DSC_0512.JPG grandisleredfish09/DSC_0521.JPG grandisleredfish09/DSC_0533.JPG grandisleredfish09/DSC_0538.JPG
grandisleredfish09/DSC_0527.JPG grandisleredfish09/DSC_0518.JPG grandisleredfish09/DSC_0516.JPG grandisleredfish09/53lbsredfish016.jpg
grandisleredfish09/53lbsredfish014.jpg grandisleredfish09/53lbsredfish010.jpg

IFA Redfish Rodeo 2009

IFA09/DSC_0400.JPG IFA09/DSC_0423.JPG IFA09/DSC_0418-1.JPG IFA09/DSC_0441.JPG
IFA09/DSC_0446.JPG IFA09/DSC_0429.JPG IFA09/DSC_0428.JPG IFA09/DSC_0415.JPG
IFA09/DSC_0414.JPG IFA09/DSC_0390.JPG

Ride The Bull 2009: CCA & Calmwater Charters with Capt. Danny Wray

RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb15cherie4thplace.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb7.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/16.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/17.jpg
RideTheBullRodeo09/18.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/9.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb192ndplacered.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb14cherie4thplace.jpg
RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb18secondplacered.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb1stplacered2.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb2ndplacered.jpg RideTheBullRodeo09/rtb1stplacered4.jpg

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